Tickle is Taylor Cullity Lethlean’s  vehicle for research, discourse, collaboration and innovation.

Tickle’s most recent event was to host an exhibition of work by practitioners across the globe.

It was initiated out of a desire to shun design trends towards global conformity in public places. The invitation asked participants to expose, represent and or design into their cities most peculiar places.

It asked whether, as our cities grow and begin to resemble one another are we losing the fine nuances of community and culture?

The response from our invited colleagues globally was immediate, enthusiastic and fun. The theme obviously struck a chord. The exhibition opening was last week and displayed thoughts and observations from as far a field as Amsterdam, Guttenberg, Portland, Auckland and Costa Rica.

The work reminded us how people from different cultures use and shape public space, but also how our vernacular public spaces can shape people and our experiences. It also revealed that designers are acutely aware of the value of distinctive places to their city and the need to map, record and creatively interpret it into their work.

At its essence though, the participation in the exhibition was a chance for a design community to engage in a conversation about ideas about our cities and our unique places.

Our studios work in Australia is also an ongoing attempt to understand our own peculiar place. We use the art of landscape architecture to puzzle out the complicated ways in which our place shapes and affects us as a community.


Exhibition held at Taylor Cullity Lethlean, Melbourne Australia, 3rd September 2010

Photographs by Ben Wrigley – Photohub

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Auckland, New Zealand

Portland, Oregon, USA

California, USA

Vienna, Austria

Melbourne, Australia

See more : http://www.skateistan.org/

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Queensland, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Malmo, Sweden

Sydney,  Australia


Surry St, Darlinghurst - Katie Cooper



Kalgoorlie Super-Pit - Daniel Firns



Cockatoo Island - Sydney - Emma van Lint



Bubblegum Wall - Emma van Lint



90 Mile Straight - Daniel Firns



Cahill Expressway on-ramp - Ben Nacard

The Cappadocia - Simon Trick


Melbourne, Australia

San Francisco, USA

Melbourne, Australia

Perth +  Melbourne, Australia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Melbourne, Australia

South Australia, Australia


Peculiarly Particular - Chris Johnstone



Urban Fragmentation - Katie Cudal



day-lights - Campbell Morris


Raised Rail - Joe Morgan-Payler

Gunkanjima - Joe Morgan-Payler

Newgrange, Ireland - Agata Kminikowska



The Lalor Shops - Nick Loschiavo + Andrew Blight



airport berlin tempelhof - Sigrid Ehrmann



Brukunga - Simone Bliss



Stacked Infrastructure - Lisa Howard



Istanbul - Nicky McNamara



Melboune's Beach - Scott Adams, Perry Lethlean + Ben Wrigley



Same Same but Different - Noelle Teh


Melbourne, Australia